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The Dark Unknown

Goldenflame Dragon’s spiritual prequel to Ultima 1, a browser-based RPG in the style of Ultima 5.

U3.5: Pax Britannia

A tile-based, fan-made Ultima game for the ZX Spectrum, set between Ultima 3 and Ultima 4.


A browser-based roguelike RPG, built using the Oryx Ultimate Tileset, which shows a clear Ultima influence in its design.

Ultimate Quest

A tile-based, turn-based RPG that draws its inspiration from several classic games of the 8-bit era.


A 2D tile-based MMORPG by Jason Ely, of Ultima 8 fame.

Lawless Legends

A somewhat Ultima-inspired fantasy RPG set in the wild west, in development for the Apple II and Commodore 64.

Legend of the Avatar

An ambitious fan project that aims to re-tell the history of Sosaria, Britannia, and Ultima from the time of Zog onward.

Hearth of Britannia

Rustic Dragon’s “Hearth of Britannia” project aims to re-create the tastes of Britannia.

Chronicles of Sosaria

A new tale set in Sosaria circa Ultima 3, telling the tale of a young thief who uncovers a plot to restore the Gem of Immortality.

Map of Britannia

Kevin Smith’s map of Britannia, made with high-end image editing and GIS software.

Sosaria in Minecraft

Phillip Zibilich has created a massive map of what he calls Sosaria (Britannia, really) in Minecraft.


An old-school, tiled, first-person RPG for iOS and Android.

Epica Rex

Survive, Build and Adventure in this retro-styled isometric 2D RPG inspired by the likes of Ultima and Minecraft!

Ultima Return

A completely new Ultima story, set in a post-holocaust Serpent Isle.

Flight of the Maxima

DOUG the Eagle Dragon’s Ultima-esque RPG fuses sci-fi, dark comedy, and medieval Christianity.

The Real Texas

An independent game, set in a parody of Texas, that is somehow inspired by Ultima 6.


Euotopia (formerly EUO) is intended to be a real-time, single/multi-player, persistent-world RPG…one that looks and plays much like Ultima 4 or Ultima 5.

Project Drake

Project Drake is, or will be, a hybrid 2D/3D online RPG intended as a spiritual sequel to Ultima Online, among other games.

To Be A Hero

A full-featured, old-school 2D RPG coming to iOS in the near future.


A project inspired by Notch’s ‘Prelude of the Chambered’, which aims to blend the mechanics of Ultima Underworld with the playability of a roguelike.

Ashes: Two Worlds Collide

A 3D RPG, heavily inspired by Ultima 7, that disappeared from the Internet several years ago, only to be reborn as a browser-based indie game.

The Ultizurk Series

A series of shareware RPGs that were very obviously, and very heavily, inspired by the Ultima series.


A fantasy RPG with a look and feel quite similar to Ultima 7, slated for re-release in 2013.