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Ultima Online

El Somni Quas

An Ultima Online-inspired MMORPG being developed with the Unigine engine.

Mage Duels

An Ultima Online-inspired arena fighting game.

Knights of Minecraft

A hardcore, open-world exploration-focused dedicated server for Mincraft, heavily inspired by Ultima Online.


An Ultima-themed Minecraft server, by and for Ultima Dragons.


Kevin Fishburne’s man versus nature-themed, Ultima-inspired open source MMORPG.

Sosaria in Minecraft

Phillip Zibilich has created a massive map of what he calls Sosaria (Britannia, really) in Minecraft.

Epica Rex

Survive, Build and Adventure in this retro-styled isometric 2D RPG inspired by the likes of Ultima and Minecraft!


Euotopia (formerly EUO) is intended to be a real-time, single/multi-player, persistent-world RPG…one that looks and plays much like Ultima 4 or Ultima 5.

Project Drake

Project Drake is, or will be, a hybrid 2D/3D online RPG intended as a spiritual sequel to Ultima Online, among other games.