El Somni Quas

An Ultima Online-inspired MMORPG being developed with the Unigine engine.


An “Ultima-like” game that is being created as part of an attempt to learn more about the Unity game engine.

Crimson Twilight

An Ultima-inspired RPG being created for the Commodore 64 by Arkanix Labs.

Ancient Legends

An RPG mini-adventure for the Apple II, built with the same engine and tools as are being used to create Lawless Legends.


An Ultima 5-inspired science fiction RPG.

Mage Duels

An Ultima Online-inspired arena fighting game.

Ultima Cursors for X11

Produced by: The Ultra-Mind Dragon A series of animated cursors for X11, most of which are based off of Micro Dragon’s Ultima …

Knights of Minecraft

A hardcore, open-world exploration-focused dedicated server for Mincraft, heavily inspired by Ultima Online.

GURPS Ultima

Produced by: Joel Hardin (Archaaz) Website: GURPS: Ultima   GURPS: Ultima represents an attempt at bringing the world of the Ultima series of computer …


An Ultima-themed Minecraft server, by and for Ultima Dragons.

Stygian Abyss

A procedurally-generated, first-person roguelike, set in the Stygian Abyss. Survive its depths and retrieve the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom!

Dungeons of Chaos

A 2D, retro-styled RPG for iPads which pays homage to the best features and systems of the RPGs of yesteryear.

Voxel Quest

A now-dormant role playing game and open source engine that aimed to create a living, interactive world which would function without the need for pre-scripted events.

Britannian Underworld

An action RPG made with a custom raycasting engine that sees players exploring the eight Britannian Anti-Virtue dungeons, and eventually the Stygian Abyss as well.


Kevin Fishburne’s man versus nature-themed, Ultima-inspired open source MMORPG.


A browser-based roguelike with a very Ultima-like art style.

The Dark Unknown

Goldenflame Dragon’s spiritual prequel to Ultima 1, a browser-based RPG in the style of Ultima 5.

U3.5: Pax Britannia

A tile-based, fan-made Ultima game for the ZX Spectrum, set between Ultima 3 and Ultima 4.


A browser-based roguelike RPG, built using the Oryx Ultimate Tileset, which shows a clear Ultima influence in its design.

Ultimate Quest

A tile-based, turn-based RPG that draws its inspiration from several classic games of the 8-bit era.