Produced by: Happy Pony Land
Website: AKARUUK

Akaruuk is an RPG, which is being built very much in the style of the early Ultima games. It hasn’t been completed yet — the developer is aiming for a 2018 release date, but admits this may slip — but when it is done, it will boast a large, open world with non-linear gameplay, in a lovely, retro pixel art style.

Other features of the game include turn-based combat with tactical elements, and combat skills including magic, stealth, and strength. There will (of course) be numerous dungeons and caves, as well as overworld locations such as strongholds, towns, and cities. NPCs in towns will gossip and trade with you, and you’ll even be able to earn a living by finding work…or by robbing the citizens of the land of Wandel blind. Some NPCs will even be able to join your party.

Finally, the world of Wandel will be at your disposal; you’ll be able to hunt, fish, collect reagents and other ingredients, and more.

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