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Ananias is a turn based strategy RPG in which players explore five different worlds, fight the monstrous inhabitants thereof, and try to survive and find an ancient artifact to save the world from destruction. For every game session, a set of new environments full of challenges and surprises will be created and populated with monsters, weapons and magical artifacts.

The game is a classic turn-based roguelike adapted for modern platforms; it removes the cumbersome movement and complex commands while keeping all the features from the genre that make the games fun and enjoyable: turn-based combat, random level generation, and long term item strategy. These are among the things that make every adventure into the game unforgettable.

There are eight different player classes, each one designed with a unique playing style. Some of them are combat-focused, others have access to magic spells in 4 different schools of magic while others must rely on their special martial skills to survive.

As players advance through the game, they will find more than 40 different types of monsters with distinct skills and abilities, they will be able to charm them using magic spells and make them join their quest. By using some of the ancient magic found in the dark worlds, they can unlock more advanced forms of their powers and skills.

Ananias also keeps track of the player’s adventures in the online server, sharing the in-game events with their friends in real time, maintaining a leaderboard of the most successful heroes as well as a graveyard of memorable characters which can be shared in social media.

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