Produced by: Geoffrey White
Website: Astrakore

Although it certainly doesn’t look much like an Ultima game, Astrakore is described by its creator as an “Ultima-like”. Indeed, the basis for Astrakore’s story is Ultima 5; Geoffrey White didn’t want to do a direct copy of Ultima 5, so he chose to set it — or something that told a very similar story, one in which your character is a wanted man — in space, who ultimately ends up fighting against something that threatens the whole galaxy.

Astrakore allows for essentially free-form construction of just about anything, including giant robots and starships — these can then be piloted across the various worlds in the game. There also appears to be a bio-engineering minigame, which allows for the creation of alien “servants”. At least a rudimentary physics system seems to play a role in the game; ships become more massive as more blocks are used to construct them, necessitating the use of more engines…which, in turn, will eat into your fuel. The game, as can be seen in the screenshots above, features a Minecraft-like aesthetic, although the character models are somewhat more detailed and smoother in appearance.

Three trailers for the game, a short teaser, an extended gameplay preview, and a trailer/developer commentary video, have been released.

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