Britannia in Minecraft

Produced by: AvatarAcid
Website: AvatarAcid @ Planet Minecraft

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AvatarAcid has been implementing the land of Britannia, circa Ultima 7, in Minecraft, and his efforts thus far have produced some impressive results.

His project offers more than just familiar locations, however. As can be seen in the screenshots above, he has also created a custom texture pack for Minecraft, and has even made a handful of character skins so that you can run around Britannia in the guise of the Avatar, Lord British, Dupre, Iolo, Shamino…and even the Daemon Arcadion!

At present, AvatarAcid has made available the City of Britain and the Shrine of Spirituality; both packages require MCEdit to add to the game. The City of Britain is also available as a standalone world save file, in case you’re having trouble with MCEdit. Which, given the size and detail of some of these maps, might prove to be an issue. He has also completed work on Iolo’s Hut, but wasn’t able to export it in time for this release.

Also available is a replacement file that will convert paintings in the game to Ultima-related images.

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