Britannian Underworld

Produced by: Exodus Destiny Dragon, Slashing Dragon
Website: Britannian Underworld @

“Explore the dungeons of Britannia like you have never done before.”

This ambitious project aims to re-imagine the eight Anti-Virtue dungeons of Britannia, roughly circa Ultima 4, using a custom-made raycasting engine. The game itself will take the form of a lightly-plotted action RPG (first-person, of course), heavily inspired by Ultima Underworld. Players will explore eight multi-level dungeons, solve puzzles, and defeat monsters, in pursuit of six Stones of Virtue.

And once that task has been accomplished, the Stygian Abyss awaits.


Slashland, in the project statement, describes it thusly: “Think of it as a 3D U4 remake, without the overworld and the virtue stuff.”

Exodus Destiny Dragon has, thus far, implemented the basics of the raycasting engine, and has added features like floor & ceiling textures and angled walls. Trapped floors and flooding rooms have also been implemented, as have water tiles and “look up”/”look down” controls. The team are hard at work on the project on an almost daily basis, and maintain a development wiki on GitHub for those curious about what is being worked on.

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