Produced by: Wolf Mittag
Website: DARGHUL (Original version here)

The original DARGHUL was released several years ago. Billing itself as a “classic German fantasy RPG”, it set the player into a massive world that, over the course of its story, would need to be saved from King Giburs Orkhorden. His orc armies scour and pillage the world; several powerful magical weapons need to be crafted to best them, best him, and bring the terror to an end.

Set in a massive, open fantasy world filled with castles, dungeons, and many NPCs (including Elves and Dwarves), DARGHUL features many world interactivity and crafting systems, scores of enemy types, and plenty of opportunities for exploration. The game bears more than a superficial resemblance to Ultima 7 in its graphics, and strives for a similar level of immersiveness.

The original version of DARGHUL is still available for 6 Euros from the developer’s website, but a new Windows-based version is also in the works, and is slated for a 2013 release. The original game was all in German, but the Windows release will apparently be in English.

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