Produced by: Interrupt
Website: Delver @ TIG Forums
Buy the Game: Delver on Google Play

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This project, inspired by Markus “Notch” Persson’s Prelude of the Chambered, aims to combine “combine the mechanics of games like Ultima Underworld with the depth and replayability of a roguelike.” Thus far, the game supports basic physics, melee combat, rough NPC pathfinding, moving between levels of a dungeon and loading levels from static files, saving and loading, character permadeath, and sports a basic inventory system. Interrupt plans on building character sheets next, incorporating ranged combat, adding support for randomly-generated dungeon levels, and is even toying around with the idea of adding an overworld.

Of course, since the game is based on a Notch project, the look and feel of Delver is akin to that of Minecraft. It is targeted toward Google’s Android mobile operating system, and is being released as a JAR file. As such, it requires that you have Java installed in order to run it, but it should be reasonably cross-platform once you’ve taken care of that. That said, the project’s forum thread at TIG Forums contains reports that Delver doesn’t always work in Apple’s OS X.

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