Epica Rex

Produced by: Gary Blauvelt
Website: Project Epica Rex @ Indiegogo

Epica Rex is a proposed isometric multiplayer RPG, currently attempting to raise development funds via Kickstarter. The developer describes it as being inspired by Ultima (Ultima 8 and Ultima Online in particular) and Minecraft, and the final result he is hoping to achieve is a hybrid of the play styles of those games.

Epica Rex as I have been calling it now for three months, is the amalgam of fifteen years of dreaming up. Back when Ultima Online came out, me and my close friends dreamed up a game called “Legends of Fantasy Unearthed”, which we wanted to be the Ultima Online killer made in our image. We had grand designs, dynamic worlds and epic visions of people making a place of their own.

At it’s heart, it is a multi-player, character skill driven based RPG mixed with a portion of survival, and another portion of world building, war and politics.

Epica Rex will not be some run of the mill fantasy RPG though. It will start off in what I call the Archaic Period, where you have low technology levels, rituals and magic to work with. As the game becomes more developed, more ages will get added in; up to 4 main ages. Aside from the Archaic period, you have the Steam Age which will introduce a level of machinery based off coal and steam, as well as the first use of guns and gunpowder. Then onto the Modern Age where the use of electronics and other fuels sources become prevalent. And lastly the Future Age where the world can use high advanced technology, to either improve your life or way of doing battle. The Future Age tech will bring back balance against using magic from the Archaic’s, though if you subscribe to any age personally you will never be at a disadvantage. You may freely use whichever, mainly based on the skills you choose.

Once developed, players will be able to download both the client and server software; hosting your own game is highly encouraged! The game is being developed using the Unity engine that has become increasingly popular of late, although the 3D capabilities of the engine are not being taken advantage of in Epica Rex; the game will be built using a 2D toolkit that runs overtop of the Unity framework.

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