Produced by: Max Breedon
Website: EUOtopia

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Borrowing a fair bit from other RPGs, Euotopia (formerly EUO) is intended to be a real-time, single/multi-player, persistent-world RPG…one that looks and plays much like Ultima 4 or Ultima 5. Indeed, the project site proudly proclaims that those looking for mouse support and Diablo 3-style graphics should seek their fix elsewhere.

Euotopia uses an Ultima Online-like skill system, without player classes. Combat is based on D&D dice rolling like in Neverwinter Nights (with additional Ultima Online influences, apparently). Although the original EUO did feature a U4-like tileset, the current iteration is completely original (although most monsters and traps will be familiar to Ultima 5 fans). Spells can be cast using either the Ultima 5 runes, or through a simpler list for the less-than-Ultima-proficient.

More recently, Max overhauled the game and began using the LUA scripting language, which allowed him to add the ability for players to influence the game’s dungeons to a greater degree through certain key actions. Leveling is done at shrines, with stats being upgraded along the same lines as in Ultima 6.

The game features over 100 NPCs and over 50 quests, with more being added all the time. And a somewhat Minecraft-like 3D client is even available!

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