Flight of the Maxima

Produced by: DOUG the Eagle Dragon
Website: The Flight of the Maxima @ Sofox Central

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The Flight of the Maxima, as DOUG the Eagle Dragon describes it, is “is an unlikely fusion of Sci-fi, dark comedy and medieval Christianity.”

In essence, it’s an open-world computer role playing game built using the Ultima 6-like IRE engine (which DOUG developed himself). Set in a vast continent populated by a diverse variety of NPCs, it is the sort of game in which you can “do a lot of crazy things that certainly sounded like a good idea at the time”.

Flight of the Maxima is intended to run on Windows, Linux, and OS X*, although only the Windows and Linux builds are maintained and regularly tested. Binaries can be downloaded from the project’s wiki, and build instructions can likewise be found for those who want to compile the game from source.

* The Flight of the Maxima team don’t have access to enough Apple computers to regularly build and test the game for OS X, and are in fact looking for someone to step in and take on that role.

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