GURPS Ultima

Produced by: Joel Hardin (Archaaz)
Website: GURPS: Ultima  

GURPS: Ultima represents an attempt at bringing the world of the Ultima series of computer role-playing games to the realm of pen and paper, utilizing the GURPS role-playing system.

While I have tried to remain true to the source material, I have likewise indulged in a bit of artistic license, adding to, and expanding upon, certain elements of the lore. I decided to present the material via a wiki, due to the ease of editing information.

GURPS: Ultima is an extensive project, and, while it is in a complete state, it will almost certainly be expanded upon and edited. This work represents one person’s interpretation, and there is certainly room for reinterpretation and improvement. I welcome any feedback, particularly by way of rules I may have misunderstood, areas which can be improved, or miscalculations, and have included a forum for this purpose.

GURPS: Ultima is an entirely fan-made, noncommercial endeavor; a homage to the Ultima series and universe. For information can be found on the wiki.

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