Knights of Minecraft

Produced by: ZidenVentania
Website: Knights of Minecraft

Knights of Minecraft is billed as a “Hardcore OpenWorld Exploration RPG Dedicated Server” for Minecraft. It draws its inspiration from Ultima Online, and also borrows some ideas from the Legend of Zelda games. The developers aim to create a dedicated RPG server, and hope to offer a somewhat different experience from what even experienced Minecraft players are used to. The list of planned features includes: crafting, building structures, attacking and conquering other players’ lands, and even PvP/player-killing.

The Zelda-like influences will be felt most strongly in the dungeons; these will feature all manner of traps and puzzles once implemented.

At present, several player skills have been wholly or partially implemented, as have features such as lockpicking, tree growing and harvesting (lumberjacking), alchemy, hiding and stealth, and player housing and guilds.

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