Legend of the Avatar

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Billed as “a fan-made reimagining of the Ultima saga”, Legend of the Avatar aims to re-tell the history of Sosaria and Britannia in a way that significantly departs from the source material. It begins with the assumption that Zog, rather than being the one who inadvertently wiped out all life on the nascent world that would one day come to be home to Lord British, was in fact the first great Sage, who laid the foundations for magic in the world.

A latter-day Sage, going by the name of Ultima, was the one who defeated Mondain, but she did so well in advance of when the Stranger from Another World would have done in the alternate timeline that comprises the Ultima canon. Indeed, the Stranger has never set foot on Sosaria, and both Mondain and Minax are still present in the world. The Shadowlords are present to, and embody the Three Principlies in some way…although they are altogether evil, even so.

The game world is purported to be “huge”, as evidenced by the maps below:

Zealan philosophy also factors into the plot in some way, as evidenced by these conceptual drawings:

And the three generators are also evidently present, and serve some role in the plot:


As can be seen above, the graphical look and feel of the game draws heavily upon the early Ultimas.

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