Lovecraftian Retro RPG

Produced by: Uncaring Cosmos
Website: Lovecraftian Retro RPG

Joe Litobarski at Uncaring Cosmos — a blog about Lovecraftian and horror games — has begun working on a new RPG inspired by a) the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and b) RPG series such as Ultima, The Magic Candle, Wizardry and Might & Magic.

Litobarski’s design for the game includes both a top-down tile-based view when adventuring, and 3D wireframe dungeons when delving into the depths of the world. And, of course, plenty of “unrelenting cosmic horror, as well as a bestiary of unnameable beasties”, as befits a game inspired by Lovecraftian mythos.

He’ll be using RPG Maker VX Ace to build the game, mostly because it supports many of the retro mechanics he is looking to include in the game. He has also figured out how to make the wireframe dungeons work with RPG Maker. The core mechanics of the game are evidently all built, as is much of its overworld. Art assets have also been lined up. What remains to be developed include NPCs, monsters, spells, items and weapons, and the maps for towns and dungeons.

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