LRUMP: The Low Resoution Ultima Maps Project

Produced by: Slashing Dragon
Website: LRUMP @ Slashland, LRUMP @, LRUM Project @ Facebook

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Slashing Dragon’s has begun a project to “demake” some of the maps from the later Ultima games, using Tiled and several old-school tilesets from 1980s-era CRPGs. Thus far, he has worked his magic on the maps for Ultima Underworld, Ultima 8, Ultima 9, and Savage Empire.

As he is building the maps in Tiled and exporting them as images from there, he plans at some point to release the actual TMX files for each map. He has not done so yet, but when that day comes, we’ll happily add them here as downloads. Until then, feast your eyes on these delightfully retro re-imaginings of the worlds you know and love.

Also available is Time Machine Dragon’s LRUMP Viewer, a (currently) Java-based application that allows you to wander through the map of Pagan with an ethereal avatar. A web-based version of the viewer is also available.

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