Map of Britannia

Produced by: Kevin Smith
Website: Ultima Dragons Google+ Group

GIS Map of Britannia

A beautiful map of Britannia made with some help from GIS software.

GIS Map of Britannia – Line Art Only

An optimized version of the full-size, GIS-crafted map of Britannia that boasts a transparent background

GIS Map of Britannia – Hearth of Britannia Coloured Version

A fully coloured version of the GIS map of Britannia, as used by Rustic Dragon for the cloth maps he handed out at the Hearth of Britannia’s Legends of the Hearth event in November of 2014.

Kevin Smith works for a GIS software company in real life, and evidently has some real talent with both GIS and image-editing software in general, as evidence by this absolutely stunning map of Britannia that he posted to the Ultima Dragons Google+ Community.

Here’s his brief description of the piece:

Britannia. Built using QuantumGIS, GIMP, Fontforge , OpenJUMP , and some software I wrote myself in Java using the JTS library. I tried to represent it as it was between Ultimas 6 and 7 although the shape comes mostly from 4.

A more detailed description of the map’s development can be found here, although unregistered visitors to that forum aren’t able to see images.

A full-size version of the map can be downloaded above, along with an optimized version with a transparent background. The latter was produced by Kevin Fishburne. A full-colour version, produced by Rustic Dragon for a Hearth of Britannia event, is also available.

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