Produced by: Kevin Fishburne
Website: Eight Virtues
Forum: Sanctimonia @ Reddit

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Sanctimonia is an open source MMORPG set in a fantasy world similar to, and in fact based upon, Britannia of Ultima fame. It eschews the traditional conventions of RPGs and MMOs — grinding, griefing, classes, levels, filler quests, etc. — in favour of a more base approach: the game emphasizes the player’s struggle against the forces of nature, the will to survive, and the fundamentals of civilization. For example: whereas in most RPGs (including most Ultimas) the player could sleep freely in a wilderness area, worrying about nothing more than the occasional itinerant wolf, in Sanctimonia the player will have to take the weather into account. Sleeping outside in a rain storm or blizzard could bode ill — very ill — for the careless player.

Sanctimonia borrows elements from Ultima 4, Ultima 5, Ultima Online, and arcade titles such as Gauntlet. Graphically, it is a 2D game with faux 3D effects. Other than landscape textures and building tiles, all the objects (trees, furniture, people, animals, etc.) will be photographs of real models taken from 16 directions to create the faux 3D effect when the client view is rotated.

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