Sosaria: Forging Britannia

Produced by: Scott Tengelin
Website: Avatar’s Adventures for Runescape

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“Now that the Triad of Evil has been defeated, the land again changes. But this is not the forced change of evil. This is the change brought by ideology, and a land divided. The stranger has had a positive impact on the world of Sosaria, but a number of his actions have caused harm to the land, as well. You enter the land, to seek the advice of Lord British, so that the land may be healed and sent into an age of enlightenment.”

Set in a post-Ultima 3 Sosaria that is in the midst of its transformation into Britannia, Forging Britannia is a mod — or tome, to use the game-specific term — for CrossCut Games’ Runesword. And in some respects, it serves as a prequel for Serpent Isle as well; the Ophidians feature prominently in its plot, and a certain young Monitorian by the name of Marsten — who dreams of one day becoming a Knight of the Leopard — can join your party.

To install the mod, simply download the Forging Britannia tome, above, and place it in the Runesword root folder. Runesword can be downloaded via the links above, which simply point to the downloads available at the game’s official website.

The good Mr. Tengelin has also made available the various resources and assets that comprise the Forging Britannia tome, which can be downloaded for interested parties to use in their own Ultima-themed Runesword tomes.

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