Stonegate in Minecraft

Produced by: AvatarAcid
Website #1: The Tower of Stonegate @ PlanetMinecraft
Website #2: Stonegate @ imgur

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AvatarAcid’s novel re-imagining of Stonegate, once the fortress of the Shadowlords in Ultima 5, is — not unlike the tower’s depiction on Ultima 9 — now a fortress for the Virtues. Not, mind you, that he has patterned it after the tower in said game.

Stonegate, built by the Shadowlords circa Ultima V, was a fortress of evil for some time. It was kept by many unsavoury beings through out the ages.

Rebuilt by the Time Lord prior to the events of Ultima IX as a symbol of virtue. This theme I favor and keep in the build, however abandon Ultima IX’s look and feel of Stonegate taking into account the generic size and footprint in previous games.

He has also provided numerous screenshots of the tower and its interior:

AvatarAcid has released both the MCEdit schematic and a world save of his creation, which can be obtained above.

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