Stygian Abyss

Produced by: Slashing Dragon and Exodus Destiny
Website – Original Version: Stygian Abyss – 7DRL15
Website – Current Version: Stygian Abyss

The Stygian Generator

A customizable, random level generator, useful for tile-based RPGs or roguelikes. It comes bundled with a set of parameters which will re-create the Stygian Abyss based loosely on its layout in Ultima 4.

Stygian Abyss

The Stygian Abyss game, created for 7DRL 2015 by Slashing Dragon and Exodus Destiny, featuring dungeon levels created with the Stygian Generator.

Stygian Abyss is the 7DRL 2015 challenge put together by Slashing Dragon and Exodus Destiny. A first-person, action-driven dungeon crawler that plays not unlike Ultima Underworld, it presents players with a challenge that should be familiar to all Ultima fans: brave the depths and perils of the Stygian Abyss, and retrieve the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom from its depths.


Graphics for the game were taken directly from the Ultima 4 and Ultima 5 tilesets, with some minor adjustments; several original tiles were also created. The music for the game should be easily recognizable as Ken Arnold’s Dungeon track, and was taken from the soundtrack of the Commodore 64 version of Ultima 4.

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