The Ultizurk Series

Produced by: Robert “Dr. Dungeon” Deutsch

Ultizurk 1: The Grandmaster’s Quest

The first entry in the Ultizurk series.

Ultizurk 2: The Shadow Master

The second entry in the Ultizurk series.

The Great Ultizurkian Underland

A spinoff entry in the Ultizurk series, possibly inspired by Ultima Underworld.


Another spinoff of the Ultizurk series.


Another spinoff of the Ultizurk series.

Ultizurk III: The Guildmaster’s Quest

The third entry in the Ultizurk series.

Ultizurk III Part II: The Mobius Mind

The second part of Ultizurk III.

The Ultizurk games were/are a series of shareware games released in the 1990s. They have a very similar look and feel to some of the later Ultima games, and even the name of the series suggests more than just a casual connection thereto. They are DOS games, and as such may require DOSBox in order to work.

Each game comes in two parts; the first part of each can be obtained, played, and passed for free, while the second part must be purchased. Each part of each game, and each game in the series, builds off of the plot(s) of earlier instalments, meaning that the series should be bound together by something like a cohesive narrative.

It was thought that the Ultizurk games were lost to time until just recently, when Infinitron Dragon managed to unearth links to many of the series’ shareware releases, and Dr. Dungeon subsequently went on to re-release the first two entries in the series in their entirety, for free, along with Underland, the first spin-off.

In total, six Ultizurk games were released, and a seventh — Ultizurk 4: Lord of the Cyclopswas never completed. The reason there are so many entries compared to how few numbered entries exist in the series has to do with the fact that it would appear that Dr. Dungeon put together a few spinoff-type games, such as The Great Ultizurkian Underland…which I would assume takes some inspiration from Ultima Underworld.

All of the downloads for the shareware portions of each game that Infinitron Dragon could find are hosted here, as well as the full-version downloads for Ultizurk 1 and Ultizurk 2 that Dr. Dungeon released; feel free to grab one and give it a try.

Other games by Dr. Dungeon:

Babysitter 1: The Night His Parents Went Out

The first Babysitter text adventure from Dr. Dungeon.

Babysitter 2: The Kid Unleashed

The second Babysitter text adventure game by Dr. Dungeon.

Spook House 2: The Last Vampire

The second Spook House text adventure by Dr. Dungeon.

Spook House 3: The Levee

The third Spook House text adventure by Dr. Dungeon.

Morbius Isthmus

Another RPG by Dr. Dungeon, this one an alternate version of The Great Ultizurkian Underland.

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