To Be A Hero

Produced by: SteakTank Entertainment
Website: To Be A Hero

An iOS game which is slated for release in 2013, To Be A Hero features several different regions or continents, numerous career paths that your character can progress along, multiple dungeons, and an open world gaming experience that emphasizes player freedom.

Characters are fully customizable, combat is highly involved and allows you to target specific areas of an opponent. You can even bite an opponent…but this can be a two-way street, as some enemies are toxic to eat! The world is, apparently, huge, and some areas of it are only accessible by ship. Your character even needs to consume food and water on a regular basis, lest he perish.

In other words, it’s a full-featured, old-school RPG for the iPhone and iPad.

Graphically, the game is 2D, and boasts rich colours, detailed character sprites, and a tile-based world. While many JRPG influences can be felt in several of the available screenshots for the game, some obvious Ultima 7 influences can also be found.

The idea behind To Be A Hero was, ultimately, to abandon a complex, flashy 3D engine and see what sort of game could be crafted if all efforts were focused on gameplay. However, the folks at SteamTank Entertainment are quite willing to admit that they may not have thoughtf everything, and as such have put up a ideas page where people can offer suggestions of systems, mechanics, or other game elements to implement. You can also like the game on Facebook and interact with the developers there.

Unfortunately, the website appears to no longer exist, so it is unclear whether this project ever neared completion.

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