Travel Britannia Brochures

Produced by: Great Siberian Dragon
Website: Yggdrasille @

Travel Britannia Brochure

A travel brochure for a luxury tour of fair Britannia.

Travel Pagan Brochure

A travel brochure for a luxury tour of volcanic Pagan.

Great Siberian Dragon’s day job involves the design and layout of brochures, so she thought it would be fun to take some inspiration from the (admittedly very cool) Visit Britannia website and create travel brochures for luxury tours of Britannia and Pagan.

Britannia, as described in the brochure for it, is based on Ultima 7, absent the Fellowship and the Guardian. Images used to illustrate the brochure draw on various Ultima games, in addition to real-world and other artistic sources. It’s a marvelously arranged document.

Pagan, meanwhile, is set in a post-Ultima 8 time frame, and as such there is a welcome message from Lord Devon, the Tempest of Tenebrae. It takes a very optimistic view of the fate of the land in its post-Titan era; one notes that a “water hole” is offered as a swimming opportunity.

Great Siberian also teases the possibility of a brochure for the Serpent Isle on the last page of each brochure.

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