Produced by: Camilo Ramírez
Website: Tull

Created using the Oryx Ultimate Tileset as an entry in the Trials of Oryx competition, Tull is a browser-based roguelike RPG that draws more than a little bit of inspiration from the early Ultima games.

Character creation is fairly basic: players choose a name and then populate points across four stats. There are three playable classes: Fighters, Archers, and Wizards. The game’s story involves the town of, of course, Tull, which has been beset by legions of monsters. These monsters, in turn, have crawled forth from the depths of the earth in service of the dark lord Ias, who has been roused from his slumber amidst the ruins of his once-great dark empire.

Naturally, it falls to the player to defeat this ancient demon and save the town of Tull.

Tull can be played online, via the link above, in a browser window.

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