Ultima MC Factions

Produced by: KingofGrief
Website: Ultima Factions/
Server: factions.pvpme.org

Ultima MC Factions is a custom Minecraft server that has been set up to cater to players looking for an early Ultima Online-like PVP experience, and who also enjoy being part of guilds and communities.

As detailed in this forum post, the server features several features that Ultima Online veterans should be right at home with:

We’re a factions server, factions means you can make a guild and claim land and go to war!

– PVP games: fight to control the graveyard to earn valuable prizes

– Crate Drops: These are treasure chests that appear on the map, discover them first and claim the loot.

– Community: The Capitol City of Britain has been built with the community in mind. Limited secure storage is available (5 secure chests/raid free). Everything else will have to be in your faction base and subject to raids 🙂 Ever want to own the Cat’s Lair Tavern or Lord Blackthorne’s Castle, you can!

– Survival: Outside of the Capitol of Britain, the land of Britannia has become a harsh wilderness full of vast forests, steep mountains, and unknown lands waiting beyond it’s borders for exploration and conquest. Can you and your guild rebuild and rule Britannia?

There certainly seems to have been a good deal of work put into the design of Britannia on this server, at least based on the few screenshots above. PVP isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but those of you who enjoy it — and who also enjoy Minecraft — may find this server to your liking.

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