Ultimate Quest

Produced by: Max Leibman
Website: Ultimate Quest @ Kickstarter

This tile-based, turn-based RPG draws its inspiration from several classic games of the 8-bit era, Ultima included. Its target, however, is modern mobile platforms: Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. A PC build is also in the works, however. Sadly, the developer was unsuccessful in his attempt to crowdfund completion of the game via Kickstarter. As such, its future is uncertain, although it is certainly possible that the developer has plans to continue work on it.

Because really, it is delightfully old-school in appearance:


The story is a fairly typical fantasy tale: an ancient kingdom sees peace forged between Men and Elves, which is shattered when a mysterious prophetess appears urging Men to turn against their allies. Coincidentally (or, perhaps, not?), four lost sacred Elfish sites reappear as she preaches, and armies of darkness issue forth therefrom. The player, a half-elf, is set on a quest to unravel all of what is going on in the land.

The game will incorporate puzzle-solving that draws inspiration from great adventure titles of yesteryear with an RPG world that Ultima fans should feel right at home in. Assuming, that is, it is successfully funded and completed.

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